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Vibo 2.0 _ Open Dancing.png

Planning In Your pocket!

Your DJ does so much more than show up on your wedding day and read the crowd.  That is very important, but your DJ also learns and delivers your preferences through exceptional planning.  Does planning your ceremony and reception music seem like work?  It doesn't have to!  How about planning from the couch, from the beach, from the coffee shop, all from your phone? 

VIBO Powered

All clients can download the Vibo mobile event planning app to make event planning a breeze.  Import music lists from Spotify, preview and add your favorite songs in seconds, get song suggestions, manage your timeline, even invite your friends and family to join in the planning if you like!  You're guided through the planning process, yet you can totally customize your celebration.  You'll likely discover things you never thought of.  We like easy, we do easy!  Contact me to try out the mobile planning app!

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