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DJ Equipments


How do I reserve my date?

You can reserve your date with a $200 non-refundable deposit through the payment portal or Venmo @bigtimeevents.  The deposit is applied to the total fee and the remaining balance is due by the week of your event.  After your deposit is paid, you'll receive an email with a link for your service agreement and then use the Vibo mobile app to begin the fun of planning your event.

It's that easy and takes less than a minute!

Your charge more than some other DJ vendors...why is that?

As a professional wedding DJ, my commitment to creating an unforgettable experience sets me apart from my competitors, and it's reflected in my pricing. I believe in delivering exceptional quality, personalized service, and unmatched attention to detail to ensure your special day is nothing short of extraordinary. From our initial consultation to the last dance, I invest considerable time and effort in understanding your unique preferences, curating an impeccable playlist, and seamlessly orchestrating the flow of your reception. I bring professional audio and lighting equipment, and a wealth of experience and expertise to create an atmosphere that surpasses your expectations. I can dedicate the necessary resources to ensure flawless execution and peace of mind on your wedding day. You can trust that you're investing in an unforgettable celebration where memories will be cherished for a lifetime.

What's the hardest part about being a wedding DJ?

This is the one of the most important days in the lives of the clients, so it's a huge responsibility, one that I take very seriously.  It can be stressful, there are lots of moving parts, and like you, I sincerely want everything to be *perfect*.  I've got lots of experience, and honestly, some of it gained from times where things have NOT gone perfectly.  How do you keep the mics sounding great and not squealing?  What the best placement for the speakers and lighting?  What happens if a speaker quits?  What happens if the computer crashes?  What happens if the playback devices fails in the middle of the ceremony?  Experience matters.

Don't you just show up and with your computer and a Spotify list, press play and let it go?  Why can't my relative or friend just do that for free?

Definitely not.  I use curated, legitimately acquired music files for your event, drawing from a rich selection of local files, as well as access to online resources such as Tidal, Beatsource and DJ pools.  Important songs, including all the ceremony music, all the reception specials, and most important requests, are NEVER STREAMED at your event.  This music is always locally stored files with the best reliability in addition to redundant playback devices in the event there is a failure with the primary.  This is true for the reception, but in my opinion, most importantly, the ceremony.  I have two of almost everything.  I pay attention to the crowd.  If I notice something is not working, I make adjustments quickly.

Are you going to talk all the time and become annoying at my event?

No.  I'm very comfortable welcoming your guests, talking to everyone to make them feel at home at your event, but I'm careful to not over do it.  I encourage requests that are good for the celebration...and your guests will love this.  Sometimes guests requests are wonderful and the DJ should pay attention and consider them.  I don't talk nonstop to the point of being annoying, but your guests know that I'm there to help them have a great time.

How do you setup and work with wireless mics?

There's no ironclad guarantee with any wireless mics, and technical problems are possible.  I do however, perform a frequency scan for each mic to find open frequencies in the area.  I'm also very careful about placement between the receiver and the transmitter to ensure the best quality wireless signal and I also make sure wirless batteries are fully charged for each event.


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Tell me about your sound system...what advantages does it have?

First of all, the main speakers are placed above head height.  This helps to prevent harshness if they were directly pointed at the heads of your guests.  Also, getting the sound above everybody's heads means there are no obstructions, allowing the sound travel freely with improved clarity.  This means I can play with less volume and it's still as loud as needed and very clear.


I never play without a subwoofer...ever.  Subwoofers provide the bass and sense of power in an audio system that you and your guests love to dance to.  I use two 18" subwoofers that can be set up on each side of my booth, or for my favorite setup, centered in front of my booth and run in "cardioid" mode, which steers all the bass onto the dance floor, where you want it.  This avoids reflections from walls that are usually behind the DJ.  These reflections can blend with the direct sound from the speakers and cause uneven responses in bass frequencies throughout the room.  Cardioid is my favorite way to set up, but it does require a little more floor space.


A system like this has plenty of headroom, which means it can get to the desired volume without working very hard. That makes it sound really nice.  This audio system can really bounce at your event.  Here are the gear details.


Stay tuned for more...

Audio System
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