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Newly-wed Couple
Flower Field Wedding

Have your Ceremony Anywhere

Is your wedding ceremony in a beautiful, secluded area, perhaps even with no electrical service?  Let's make that happen.  All wedding ceremonies include 30 minutes of prelude music while your guests arrive, two lavalier mics, a wireless hand or stand mic for readers or vocalists, all with utility service or 100% mobile and silent power source.

The Bridal March

Every ceremony is different, but it's often great for your bridal march song to include the biggest, grandest part of the song.  Would you like the perfect edit for your song as you walk down the aisle?  Let's make that happen.

The Recessional

Remember to include a favorite song to conclude your ceremony, to be played right after "You may kiss the bride!" and the announcement of the couple.  Many couples choose a special, fun, upbeat song for this, to conclude the ceremony with a festive vibe. 

Wedding Photography
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